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At Maplin, our people are our greatest assets. Our success and growth will be determined by our ability to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Hiring the right personnel is integral to our long-term success. 

Maplin’s multinational board and management team consist of leaders of the industry. With the strong concept of MaplinWorld, we develop dynamic project teams led by competent team leaders with the right experience. The Maplin Leadership Programme supports our leaders in the pursuit of excellence. 

Graduate and Student programmes are specially designed to attract and cherish bright young talent. Our multidisciplinary structure provides broad experience within designing, engineering, and technical roles, giving our individuals the career of choice and flexibility, and to become future leaders in their field of choice with great passion. MaplinWorld encourages a performance-based culture instilling the values of personal responsibility, accountability, risk management, learning and ones with consistent approach and growth. 

Maplin offers a set of principles that support employees in everyday activities and beyond. With a focus on flexibility, choice, and fairness, MaplinWorld covers:

• Career Development
• Employee Welfare
• Leadership
• Workplaces
• Staff Behaviour
• Rewards and Recognition


As one of the World’s fastest-growing information technology, business process and asset support group, Maplin is committed to building strong and thriving communities. Maplin’s MConnect programme helped the most to reshape and equip the communities with the latest technologies. community relations staff are an integral part of project teams. The role of these professionals is to proactively manage sensitive community social values, health, safety, and environment. 

MConnect Programmes include MConnect Campus Programme and MConnect Children Programme for science, engineering & technology graduates, and children respectively.

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