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Our Project Management Consultancy services ensure that our clients can identify, eliminate, or manage their project risks in time. Whether it be a single point of contact or an integrated management team with the clients, our experts are there to resolve problems. Thus, delivering projects with high levels of safety, performance, quality, and cost efficiency.

We use internationally recognised project management structures and processes for the management and control of our client’s projects. We dedicate our time and resources from start to finish, ensuring projects fulfil their objective, thus being a pivotal part of success.

Maplin also provides support to clients through procurement services in these sectors. We undertake sourcing new suppliers, purchasing, expediting orders, inspecting the manufacturing process, and systematically arranging delivery and logistics.

Maplin offers Project Management Consultancy and EPCM services. We devote our time and resources from start to end to ensure that our customer’s project achieves their goals and thereby playing an important role in their success.

Our Capabilities

• Carbon Capture Technology
• Green Hydrogen
• Blue Ammonia
• Biofuels
• Recycling and Waste to Energy
• Water and Wastewater Treatment
• Infrastructure
• Renewables

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